Why is Range of Motion So Important and How Can Chiropractic Improve it?

woman stretching trying to improve her range of motion
At Strong Life Chiropractic, one of the most common problems we see in our Lithia, FL patients is difficulty with mobility. Tight and misaligned backs, shoulders, and necks can cause pain when moving. This means these patients have limited range of motion.

Range of motion is crucial for proper mobility of the entire body. If your range of motion is inhibited, you may experience pain or discomfort, or not be able to use your body parts like you used to. Fortunately, chiropractic may be able to help.

What is range of motion?

Range of motion (ROM) is the measurement of movement around a particular joint or body part, which is typically expressed in degrees. ROM is closely tied with flexibility (the range of motion around a joint) and plays a role in how well you are able to move the body part without pain or discomfort.

Following an injury, trauma, or medical problem, ROM may be extremely limited. Many patients with back, neck, and shoulder pain feel stiff, tight, and sore in these areas and are unable to move their bodies freely. This can be very difficult to manage in day-to-day activities.

ROM is very important for everyday movement, athletic activity, and injury prevention. That last one is extremely important, since ROM and injury are closely related. If you push your body too hard and try to move in a way that is uncomfortable, you may hurt yourself even more and cause a tear or sprain. This can lead to more inflammation and stiffness, resulting in more limited ROM.

The chiropractic solution to limited ROM

Physical therapists are often regarded as the experts in improving ROM, but did you know chiropractic may also be able to improve your mobility? Through routine procedures like manipulations and stretches, your chiropractor may be able to put your body back into alignment and make limited movement a thing of the past.

  • Manipulations: Part of the reason the ROM in your back, neck, or shoulders is limited may be due to your body being out of its natural alignment. The spine, joints, and muscles fit together in a specific way, but repetitive motions, injuries, and everyday wear and tear can push things out of whack and limit the way you’re able to move. A chiropractic manipulation may reset these alignments, so your body can move as it was designed to.
  • Massage: Sometimes, tight or inflamed muscles are the cause of your stiffness and limited ROM. Trying to use these muscles even when they are strained can make their condition worse, potentially limiting your ROM further. Your chiropractor may be able to provide soft tissue massages to your painful areas to loosen things up and improve circulation in the body. Once tight muscles disappear, you may feel looser and more limber.
  • Exercises: Chiropractors may also be able to help you work through physical therapy-type exercises and stretches to mobilize your limited joints. They may move your body parts for you in passive exercises and teach you active exercises you can do on your own at home to stretch and improve flexibility.

If you are having trouble with your mobility, the spinal experts at Strong Life Chiropractic in Lithia, FL may be able to help! Through our Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) techniques, we aim to improve the mobility of not only your spine, but your entire body. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Chiropractic BioPhysics, or CBP, is one of the most scientific, researched, and results-oriented corrective care techniques. CBP-trained chiropractors aim to realign the spine back to health, eliminating nerve interference and addressing the source of pain, fatigue, and disease. As with all chiropractic care, CBP is gentle, painless, and non-invasive.