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Lose Weight in Tampa Lithia

The STRONGLIFE Weight Loss program provides a customized carb restricted program to deliver fast and safe results that will surpass anyone’s expectations. We are dedicated to discovering the true cause of your weight conditions and deliver an effective plan on improving your overall wellbeing. The patients on our program see dramatic improvements in their pain levels, daily activities, less “sick days,” and increased energy!

If you are someone who has tried diet after diet to lose those unwanted pounds and wish you could begin a weight loss program that delivers fast, consistent, and safe results, DON’T WAIT! Don’t miss this opportunity to change your quality of life today. You deserve to LIVE LIFE STRONG!

Our Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • A comprehensive blood chemistry panel
  • Comprehensive examination by Dr. Scott & our Weight Loss Coach
  • 1 Week of Food + 1 month of Supplements (completely planned out for you!)
  • Weekly Body Composition Reports
  • Weekly Nutritional Consultations
  • Nutrition Education
  • LIVE LIFE LEAN Community Membership

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Program Highlights

• Lose 2-7 Pound Per Week
• Normalize Cholesterol
• Normalize Blood Sugar
• Target Fat
• Maintain Muscle Mass
• No Drugs
• No Surgery
• No Starvation
• Physician-Monitored
• Support System

StrongLife Weight Loss Program Details

Any reduced-calorie diet will result in weight loss and most popular programs base their protocols on a “balanced diet”. If we take the standard USDA recommendations of approximately:

• 60% of calories from “good carbohydrates”
• 25% from protein
• 15% from “healthy fats”

And, reduce the amounts in half (but keep the ratio of macronutrients the same), we will have a “balanced diet” with 1/2 the calories… and people will lose weight. However, there are a several problems with this seemingly logical approach.

First, if we continue to replenish some of the glycogen stores every day with carbohydrates (from 60% “healthy carbs”) our fat burning will stop until the glycogen gained from consuming those carbohydrates have been depleted. This will lead to an unpredictable weight loss.

Second, and more importantly, decreasing the minimal daily requirements of protein (from 25% to 12.5% in the example above) will most certainly lead to muscle loss.

As blood sugar drops (from the reduced-calorie intake) the body will burn fat but will also break down muscle, via a process called gluconeogenesis, as a way to maintain proper glucose levels in the body. When we lose muscle our metabolism actually slows down! Now, when these folks have achieved their goal weight, what is the predictable result? They go back to eating “normal size” meals but their metabolism is slower than before they started, they regain the weight, and often times end up heavier than when they started the diet!

The Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program we have implemented with our patients here at STRONGLIFE takes a different approach – for a relatively short time we will utilize an “unbalanced diet”. We keep the minimum daily protein requirement the same (roughly ½ your lean body weight in grams of protein) and build the diet around this. Understand, this is not a “HIGH PROTEIN DIET”. We provide only the minimum amount of protein required to spare muscle. Loss of muscle mass is totally unacceptable to us during a diet.

Next, if we want to lose fat it is logical that we would eliminate most fats from the diet (except for giving optimal amounts of essential fatty acids). Our approach to carbohydrate intake is to allow dieters approximately 25-35 grams per day. This minimal amount of carbohydrate does not allow the body to replenish glycogen stores in your liver or muscles, which forces the body to stay in the “fat-burning mode” 24-hours a day and is therefore called a “ketogenic diet”.

While under our supervision, our dieters will consume 4 cups of non-starchy vegetables and 2 green salads daily. This provides necessary fiber to prevent constipation. Our dieters also are prescribed a multi-vitamin, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sea salt to ensure proper electrolyte balance. We only supplement what they would normally be acquiring from the food groups that we are temporarily removing from the diet (i.e. dairy, fruits and grains).while the dieter is in ketosis.

Type I diabetics – we have also developed an “Alternative Protocol” which is suitable for Type I diabetics. This program is similar to the ketogenic diet except that we give a dairy, fruit and grain serving every day to prevent the patient from going into a state of ketosis. Because Type I Diabetics do not produce insulin, a risk of ketoacidosis exists and these patients should never be placed on a ketogenic diet. They will still experience approximately the same rate of weight loss as the ketogenic dieters and commonly find they can substantially decrease their insulin requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weight Loss Coaching Program Tampa

In our program we go much deeper into treating weight loss issues than your average weight loss program. We don’t just monitor weight reduction. At the core of our program, we are retraining your body to process sugars and carbohydrates properly and more efficiently.

We restrict carbohydrates in order to give your pancreas a break from constantly releasing insulin. Over the course of your weight loss journey this will improve your insulin resistance, which is a major contributor to converting sugars and carbohydrates into body fat. We also limit the amount of fat you are taking in, because if are consuming too much fat, your body will not utilize your own fat stores as energy.

Our program is not a high protein diet like most other carb restricted programs. We analyze your body composition, and from there determine the precise amount of protein consumption for optimal muscle mass maintenance.

The STRONGLIFE Weight Loss Program is safe for all participants, except for individuals who have kidney or liver dysfunction.  You must see Dr. Scott before committing to our program.

Yes, women lose on average 3-5 pounds of body fat per week, and men lose on average 5-7 pounds. It is necessary for the dietary protocol to be followed precisely in order to achieve these results. If our protocol is being followed and weight loss is not occurring, it could potentially be due to:

  • Intentional or Unintentional deviations from the diet (cheats)
  • Constipation
  • Pre or Peri-Menopausal Women
  • Muscle Gain vs. Fat Mass
  • These potential causes would be addressed at your weekly weigh-in

Although our diet is considered a medium to low calorie diet, our dieter’s bodies are actually registering “more calories” than they likely were prior to going into ketosis. Why is that? They are burning their own fat stores for energy. When we shift energy systems, specific enzymes need to be made in order to utilize the ketone bodies produced from burning their own body fat. This process takes typically about 2 weeks, and after 3 weeks the enzymatic processes are getting completely set in place so that they are able to use 100% of those ketone bodies fuel.

During this critical period when your blood sugar begins to drop, your muscles will begin to go through the process of gluconeogenesis (a process that makes glucose to put back into your blood stream). If you increase your energy demands during this time, this ramps up gluconeogenesis and risks tapping into your muscle mass. WE WANT TO AVOID THAT! This is not a typical “calories in, calories out,” balanced diet. This is all about hormones and metabolism. After the 3rd week, dieters are able to resume normal exercise.

We consider our program a medium to low calorie program. Typically when individuals see “low calorie” their mind then automatically thinks one of two extremes; hyper-protein, or hypo-protein. Our program is neither, we ensure proper protein consumption (safeguarding the kidneys) calculated from each participant’s body composition analysis, and monitor their protein need throughout the program.

Our program protocol triggers the physiological process of fat metabolism, which will end up giving your body an enormous boost of energy. Our bodies take in calories to create energy for all of our cellular processes. So, let us give you an example of how our medium-low calorie program looks like in terms of caloric intake:

  • We have a female who is 150lbs, who will lose on average 3lbs/week.
  • 1lb of Body Fat = 3500 kcal, and since she will be losing about 3lbs/week,
  • 3500 x 3 = 10,500kcal/week from burning her stored body fat.

This measures out to be 1,500kcal/day! Now we can go ahead and add approximately 850 kcal from the “low-carbohydrate” foods she eats per day. The USDA Food Pyramid suggests that 20% of total calories should be obtained from protein sources, based on a 2,000 kcal/day diet. For every 4 grams of protein, we get 1 kcal of energy, so 20% of a 2,000 kcal diet would results in 400 kcal of protein as a minimum requirement. So her diet is providing her:

  • 400 kcal from protein
  • 850 kcal from “low-carb” foods
  • 1,500 kcal from body fat metabolism
  • 2,750 kcal total

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Our physical therapists utilize a movement based diagnostic system designed to discover the root cause of an issue rather than just treat a specific injury or pain, ensuring exceptional results.

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Providing a customized carb restricted program to deliver fast and safe results that will surpass anyone’s expectations, while delivering an effective plan to improve your wellbeing.

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Functional Medicine, also known as Integrative Medicine, focuses on the root cause of the disease. It is patient-centered process, and takes into account all aspects that affects a patient’s health.

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