Holistically Strengthening Your Immunity

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Our immune system has always played a pivotal role in our ability to stay healthy. When the immune system is weak, it can lead to a lot more than the cold or flu and can completely affect your quality of life. The importance of a strong immune system has come to the top of everyone’s minds this year as the world faces a pandemic. Social distancing, hand washing, and wearing a mask might provide short term protection. However, boosting the immune system holistically is what will truly give you long term health.

Your Overall Health Plays a Large Role in Your Immunity

The human body and its ability to coordinate so many life-sustaining functions at once is nothing short of amazing. Yet, if the delicate balance your body needs for good health is compromised due to an overload it can quickly aggravate, or lead to, an illness. Issues that can overload the body’s normal function include chronic illnesses, general inflammation, poor lifestyle habits, and injury.

When the immune system is strong, it can efficiently find and launch an attack if any pathogens find their way into the body. Alternatively, if the body is busy addressing other health issues you may find yourself coming down with an uninvited illness. If your health is compromised in any way, chances are your immune system is too and could use a holistic boost.

How to Holistically Boost Your Immunity

Keeping the entire body in homeostasis gives you a significantly better chance of fighting off any pathogens you come in contact with, such as bacteria or viruses. Some simple and highly effective ways to boost your overall health and immunity include:

  • Regular exercise
  • Proper daily hydration and diet
  • Vitamin D, C, and Zinc via diet and/or supplementation
  • Optimal spine alignment to support full body balance and neural integrity
  • Good hygiene with food, cooking, bathing, and hand washing
  • Minimizing use of antibiotics and antibacterial products
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Quitting smoking
  • Practicing adequate stress management

Why Spine Alignment is Vital for Your Health

When your body is coordinating any type of function, it is communicating via two byways: hormones and the nervous system. Ultimately, the nervous system also controls a lot of hormone pathways as well. All of these systems work together to control and modulate vital immunity organs such as the lymph nodes and spleen. Thus, the spine’s ability to effectively send and receive signals is crucial for good health and immunity.

If there is spine misalignment present, this important information highway is disrupted. Nerve signals are slowed or even blocked and throw the entire system out of balance. Often, spine misalignment is so subtle to the untrained eye that you may not realize you are suffering from such a problem. That’s why Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), a research-oriented expert approach to spine alignment, can help boost your overall health.

Find a CBP Care Provider

If you know your health could be better, seeking care from a CBP practitioner is a great choice. Their holistic treatment options can help your body feel balanced and give you the best chance at sustainable true health and immunity. Get in touch with Dr. Justin Scott at StrongLife Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in Lithia, FL, to see how he can help you feel your best and if CBP care is right for you.

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