Can Chiropractic Care Help Digestive Problems?

Can Chiropractic Care Help Digestive Problems

Did you know that every year, over 20 million people in the United States suffer from chronic digestive disease, stomach upset and pain? Many people don’t ever report their digestive problems to a medical professional. Digestive problems are thought of as normal and commonplace, and there are many over-the-counter medications available to help tame acid reflux, nausea, and other digestive discomfort. Unfortunately, digestive distress often coexists or can lead to other physical conditions like back pain, chest pain, anxiety, migraines, irregular heart rate, and more. As such, digestive distress can truly interrupt the quality of one’s life. If you’ve been wondering “can chiropractic care help digestive problems?”, keep reading to learn more.

Common Digestive Ailments

There are many digestive ailments that cause pain, anxiety, and overall body discomfort. Many of these ailments can overlap, as they often have the same cause or can lead to one another. For example, acid reflux can often lead to nausea, and nausea can persist even outside of an episode of acid reflux, if damage occurs to the lining of the stomach. Common digestive ailments include acid reflux, GERD, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s, and hemorrhoids.

Digestive ailments are frequently attributed to a lack of fiber in the diet, or other dietary imbalances, but this is not the only cause of digestive problems. The entire digestive process is closely connected to the function of the brain and the nervous system. For this reason, it’s important to investigate the link between the two, how one can affect the other, and how chiropractic care can help.

Digestion & The Nervous System

You’ve heard about the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain and spine. You’ve also probably heard of the peripheral nervous system, which includes all of the other nerve bundles in the body. But have you heard of the enteric nervous system?

The enteric nervous system is a nervous system that exists for the sole purpose of transmitting information to and from the digestive system. The enteric nervous system handles commands like when to begin digestion (or stop it), when to activate or freeze activity in the digestive system, and communicates the state of the digestive system to the rest of the body (and vice versa). The enteric nervous system is estimated to contain over 600 million neurons, which is the most in the body aside from the brain itself. For this reason, the gut is often thought to be “the second brain” of the body. It’s no surprise then that digestive health and mental/nervous system health are closely related to one another.

Given that the digestive system has it’s very own nervous system, and that the two are closely related and communicate with each other constantly, it’s important to make the connection between chiropractic care and the nervous system.

Chiropractic care works on the nervous system by relieving pressure and inflammation from misaligned bones and joints. When chiropractic care is administered to the body, it can create a balancing effect in the nervous system, which can then in turn affect the enteric nervous system and the digestive process. Countless patients have reported feeling significant relief after receiving chiropractic care, not just for conditions like anxiety, mental fog, and nervousness, but for a wide range of digestive disorders from nausea and constipation to acid reflux and diarrhea.

Digestive Pain & Back Pain

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Digestive discomfort can sometimes feel like back pain, especially in the case of conditions like constipation, acid reflux, heartburn, IBS, Crohn’s, indigestion, nausea, incontinence, and gas. These conditions can cause radiating pain and discomfort all over the body.

Direct and Indirect Pain

When there is direct pain in the body as a result of digestive problems, it’s usually because something is happening in the actual digestive tract. This can be caused by many things, but common examples are acid reflux, which can cause stomach acid to burn the esophagus, and constipation or diarrhea, which can cause inflammation of the intestines and nearby tissue.

When there is indirect pain in the body as a result of digestive problems, it’s typically because dysfunction in the digestive system is disrupting the function of other body systems. An example of this is the back pain that can occur from constipation, muscle aches that can arise from diarrhea, and anxiety from nausea.

Healing Digestive Problems with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a powerful form of therapy for digestive problems. Because it addresses so many of the body’s systems at one time, it can quickly help to resolve a variety of digestive ailments that otherwise seem to have no traditional treatment or cure. Chiropractic doesn’t do this by “curing” the digestion, but instead, by balancing the body overall, removing many of the underlying causes of distress.

By balancing the nervous system, digestive problems can be significantly ameliorated or eliminated.

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